Child Find was first incorporated in Alberta in 1983; in 1988 the provincial members saw the need to formalize a national voice and Child Find Canada Inc. (“CFC”) was established.

CFC is a national organization representing and supporting its provincial members who assist in the search for and prevention of missing children. We are a group of dedicated individuals committed to promotion and advocating for the personal safety of children and youth.

Mission Statement

  • CFC is a national charitable organization that educates and advocates for the protection and rights of children and youth
  • Promote awareness of the issues relating to missing children. Believing “a missing child is everyone’s responsibility”tm
  • CFC represents and supports the development of existing and future member organizations in all provinces and territories to deliver programs that will reduce the incidence of missing and exploited children. All children have the rights to be safe!


  • To supports its provincial members by providing a forum to facilitate the development of quality programs, standards, awareness, advocacy and information sharing.
  • To develop a strong national organization by providing direction and support to existing and future members
  • To develop relationships with national corporate entities to secure funding for the promotion of programs and the organization.

CFC will strive to provide these services by:

  • Providing leadership, resources and opportunities to provinces for programs and program development
  • Increasing awareness of missing and exploited children through programs such as the Green Ribbon of Hope Campaign
  • Educate and advocate for the protection and rights of children and youth at a national level
  • Develop and maintain relations with organizations internationally
  • Obtaining endorsement of programs from national and international law enforcement and other agencies
  • Compile, monitor and distribute national statistics to provincial members & other interested parties. We will accomplish our purpose by working in a co-operative, collaborative and focused manner!


  • CFC strongly believes that all children and youth have a right to be safe and protected; and that “a missing child is everyone’s responsibility”tm
  • Through strong leadership, commitment and innovative methods, CFC strives for excellence by providing effective and efficient services in response to our stakeholders’ (provincial members and national sponsors) needs. CFC provides these services in an honest and ethical manner acknowledging our strong national identity and the uniqueness of the provincial membership.
  • As a national organization, CFC recognizes the importance of developing and maintaining relationships with public agencies, non-profit organizations and other interested parties in a professional manner