National Missing Children’s Day

Early one morning, a little boy by the name of Etan Patz grabbed his school books, donned his Future Flight Captain’s Cap and gave his mother a goodbye kiss before leaving to catch the bus to school. The sight of her blonde-haired, blue-eyed son playfully making his way up Prince Street in New York, New York was to be Julia’s last. He was six years old.

Etan’s disappearance, still unsolved, is just one of many horrifying stories of children who seemingly vanish without a trace. For the families of these children, the years can go by without any answers and hope begins to fade. That’s why the anniversary of Etan’s disappearance. May 25, has been named National Missing Children’s Day in recognition of all missing children. Throughout Canada and the USA, it is a special day, symbolic of renewed hope and rememberance of those still missing.