Support Us

Your financial support is directed to finding missing children and to the development and implementation of child safety programs, which are aimed awareness and at reducing the risk of abduction.

In accordance with guidelines established by Revenue Canada, 80% of all receipted funding is spent on programs which attempt to satisfy the aforementioned goals. Child Find BC have an Office Manager and a volunteer Case Liason Officer in the province whose responsibilities are to carry out the mandate of the organization as directed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Toll Free Line: Child Find BC operates a toll-free line listing information throughout BC for information on missing children. The line is parents in need of immediate assistance and for tips regarding the location of missing children. This service is a lifeline to frantic parents. This toll free line is paid for by public donations.

Child Safety Literature: Child Find BCs main documents are the All About Me, ID booklet (containing the child’s fingerprints, photo and other important information), as well as numerous tip sheets aimed at tots, pre-teens, teenagers and parents. All of these documents are offered free of charge to parents, schools and community groups. Printing costs involved are paid for by public donations..

Startup Costs for New Satellite Offices: Child Find BC currently has several resouce offices in the province and is looking at the possibility of expanding this number in the not-too-distant future. 24 satellite offices are in place throughout BC. While the primary concern for establishing a new satellite office is the availability of human resources, financial considerations also play a key role. Items such as office space, office equipment, telephone lines, fax, etc. are very necessary but costly.

Poster/Flyer Distribution: Child Find BC distributes thousands of posters and flyers each year based on the philosophy that “the more people who see a photograph of a missing child, the greater the chance of recognition, leading to a greater chance of recovery.” Production of posters and flyers is expensive, as is the distribution of these posters and flyers to countless locations throughout the province.

All About Me, ID Program: Child Find BC fingerprinted over 14,000 children in 2015. While this service is offered free of charge, there are sizable costs involved, including the production of the All About Me, ID booklet, the costs of fingerprint ink and pads, wet wipes, etc. In addition, there is the cost for promotional signage and materials.

Administrative Expenses: Printing costs for flyers of missing children, fingerprinting supplies for the All About Me, ID program, telephone bills, office rent and travel costs incurred in the recovery of a missing child, etc. are all necessary expenses and have much to do with fulfilling our mandate. Without your donationsĀ Child Find BC would not exist today!