Your Corporate Support for Child Find BC

TAX INCENTIVES: Child Find BC is a volunteer-based, non-profit, registered charitable organization and can offer organizations Revenue Canada-approved tax receipts for financial contributions and/or the donation of goods.

LOGO RECOGNITION: Child Find has fingerprinted over 1 million children since the fingerprinting program began. Each parent receives a booklet containing their child’s fingerprints as well as other personal data and child safety information. Your organization’s logo could have reached over 1 million parents of young children. By helping us cover our printing costs, your logo could be distributed extensively across the province on literature which is not only timely, but has an infinite shelf life.

INTERNAL ORGANIZATIONAL BENEFITS: How many of your employees have children and how many are concerned with the safety of their children? Child Find BC would be happy to arrange an employee All About Me ID fingerprinting session where your employees’ children could be fingerprinted. We would also be happy to hold an employee information session and educate your employees with respect to child safety.

VISIBILITY: Child Find volunteers are regularly active in malls, retail establishments and at community events fingerprinting children. As a corporate sponsor, your company name could be reaching these concerned parents through our fingerprinting clinics.

MEASURABLE BUSINESS RETURN: People have a tendency to support businesses who have demonstrated an affiliation with a charity. For example, if one dollar of the purchase price of a product was donated to help “the search for missing children”, the public would be more inclined to purchase that product over a similar one, knowing that their purchase was helping missing children. Child Find has a strong target market – parents of children, primarily young children – who form the basis of public opinion and who comprise the largest consumer group.

IMAGE ENHANCEMENT: Publicly supporting Child Find projects your company as a caring organization which has made a commitment to help those innocent children who cannot help themselves.

REINFORCEMENT OF CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY: Abducted children cannot help themselves. If you do not help them, who will? While there are over 60,000 registered charities in Canada, there were even more listings of missing children in Canada in 2007. Child Find BC is funded solely by private and corporate donations – donations from organizations such as yours which feel that abducted children must be reunited with their searching parent(s). Through your generosity, our organization can provide you and your employees with the peace of mind that help is only a telephone call away should your or one of your employees’ children ever go missing. It will likely never happen, but are you willing to take that chance?